You should bring with you sufficient warm clothing to sail in, bearing in mind that it is always colder on the water than on land.  You will need a change of clothing in case you get wet.


Ideally wear a wetsuit, steamer or dry-suit.  If you do not possess such a garment, wear warm clothing made of wool or synthetic materials.  Do not wear cotton-based jeans or trousers and shirts as these do not provide any warmth when wet - quite the reverse.  Wear trainers or flat soled sailing boots and wool socks or wetsuit boots as your feet will get wet come what may.  It will be cooler out on the water and wind protection is often required.  A fleece top is ideal in good weather, supplemented by a waterproof jacket in less clement weather.  Wearing a hat prevents excessive heat loss and protects your head against minor cuts and bruises.  In sunny weather, sunburn is a very real hazard.  Water reflects UV rays.  Wear sunscreen, peaked hat and long sleeves and trousers as necessary.  Dark glasses with a retaining cord are highly recommended to prevent glare and eye strain.  

Cool / Cold / Wet Weather:

In cool / cold or wet weather supplement the basics with:

  • Water proof top
  • Water proof trousers
  • Hat, balaclava (very good in cold wet weather)
  • Sailing gloves or wool gloves with reinforced palms
  • Warm inner clothing - ‘wick away’ items near next to the skin are ideal
  • Wet suit, steamer or dry suit

A warm sailor is a safe sailor; you may get wet but you can stay warm.

Warm / Sunny Weather

In warm / sunny weather the basics are fine (remember it is always cooler on the water) consider the following as well

  • Baseball cap (with covering for the back of the neck)
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Sun tan cream
  • Shorts
  • Sun glasses
  • Soft soled footwear - trainers or sailing boots

Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids in very hot conditions and take water with you if needed

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