Loss, Damage or Injury

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club, its RYA Recognised Training Centre, and RYA Instructors, RYA Senior Instructors, RYA Coaches and other persons coaching, training or operating powerboats under their direction or on their behalf do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury suffered by persons and/or their property arising out of or during the course of their activities whilst training and/or coaching and/or instructing unless such injury loss or damage was caused by, or resulted from negligence or deliberate act.

Disabilities, Illnesses and Medical Conditions

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club is a Sailability club and we will attempt to accommodate disabilities, illnesses and medical conditions as far as possible in courses and other activities. However, we accept no liability for injury, loss or damage arising from conditions that you have not told us about prior to the activity starting and we reserve the right to cancel bookings where insufficient notice has been given for us to make suitable arrangements, or where we are unable to meet your needs.

Loco Parentis

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club does not act in loco parentis; a parent or guardian must remain on site during courses or other organised sessions involving their children under 18.


All boats owned by any club member and launched at Rudyard Lake shall be insured against Third Party Liability to a minimum sum insured of £2,000,000.

All SUP members launching their own boards at Rudyard Lake shall be insured against Third Party Liability to a minimum sum insured of £2,000,000.

Electronic Communications

RLSC will send any legal document in electronic format to the email associated with the club member's account.  Hard copies of any document may be requested from the Club Secretary, either electronically or by mail.

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