Current Series:

Series:  Wednesday A – Virtual Regatta (2020)

Fleet Results (Extracted from results where three or more race)

Other Races: Whit Regatta (2020) ¦ Easter Regatta (2020) ¦ RYA Virtual Regatta Qualifiers (2020)

Completed Series

(Note: The previous year’s results will show until the current year series ends.)

Series Endurance (2020) ¦ Folkes Series (2019) ¦ Wednesday A (2019) ¦ Pursuit PM (2019) ¦ Novice Handicap (2019) ¦ Spring Series (2019)  ¦ Holiday Series (2019)  ¦ Wednesday B (2019) ¦ Michaelmas Series (2019) ¦ Autumn Leaves (2019)

Fleet Results (Extracted from results where three or more race)

Albacore Fleet ¦ K1 Fleet ¦ Laser Fleet ¦ Solo Fleet ¦ Topper Fleet

RegattasEaster Regatta (2019) ¦ Whit Regatta (2019) ¦ August Regatta (2019)¦ Trophy Day Overall (2019)

Other Races:  Harold Davis (2019) ¦ April Fools (2019) ¦ FastestLap2019 ¦ Trophy Day (2019)  

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