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                Trophy          Position  Class 2015
Senior Trophies
President’s Trophy Leading Helm K1 Mark Jacot
Jib Sheet Bowl Leading Crew RS 400 Hannah Ball
RLSC Open Challenge Top Traveller Topper Charlotte Meyers
Folkes Club Championship
Folkes Trophy 1st K1 Mark Jacot
Transom Trophy 2nd Solo Geoff Couch
  3rd RS 400 Larry Muir & Hannah Ball
  4th Solo Phil Blakeman
  5th Albacore Steve Sutton & Jane Andrews
  6th K1 Dennis Birchenhall
Spinnaker Trophy 1st Spinnaker  Boat RS 400 Larry Muir & Hannah Ball
Junior Trophy 1st Junior Helm Topper Ollie Carter
Higginson Trophy 1st Lady helm Streaker Claire Smethurst
Rudyard  Plate Highest non-winner Solo Fred Whittaker
Whittaker Trophy Highest over 65 K1 Dennis Birchenhall
Pursuit Series
Heron Trophy  1st K1 Dennis Birchenhall
  2nd RS 400 Larry Muir & Hannah Ball
  3rd Solo Craig Tarry
  Junior Laser Lucas Barrow
Albinson Trophy 1st K1 Mark Jacot
  2nd RS 400 Larry Muir & Hannah Ball
  3rd Solo Craig Tarry
  Junior Topper Charlotte Meyers
Spring Mass Start
The Corfield Cup 1st  K1 Neil Walker
  2nd  K1 Larry Muir
  3rd Albacore Steve Sutton & Jane Andrews
Autumn Leaves Series 2014 
Brass Monkey Trophy 1st Albacore Steve Sutton & Jane Andrews
  2nd Merlin Mike Raine & Jane Hill
  3rd Solo Phil Blakeman



Endurance Series
Victory Cannon 1st K1 Dennis Birchenhall
  2nd Solo Phil Blakeman
  3rd Solo Clive Pickering
Wednesday Evening Series
Hayward Trophy 1st Wednesday A Solo Steve Thomas
  2nd Solo Clive Pickering
  3rd Solo Phil Blakeman
Hilditch Trophy 1st Wednesday B Solo Martin Couch
  2nd Solo Steve Thomas
  3rd Solo Phil Blakeman


BBQ Series (Junior)
  1st Topper Lucas Barrow
  2nd Laser Lucas Barrow
  3rd Laser 3000 Matt Harrison


Trophy Day
Hon Race Officers Trophy 1st Overall Merlin Mike Raine & Jane Hill
Nelstrop Trophy 1st Handicap Fleet Merlin Mike Raine & Jane Hill
Ledson Trophy 1st Solo   Phil Blakeman
Joan Green Salver 1st Albacore   Paul Gimson & Andrew Lorquet
Feltblower Trophy 1st Enterprise   Ian Rawlinson & Bruce Carter
Founders Trophy Founders Race K1 Mark Jacot
  1st Junior Topper Alex Gruber
Trafalgar Day
 Trafalgar  Cannon 1st   Not Awarded
  2nd   Not Awarded
  3rd   Not Awarded
  Junior Trophy   Not Awarded
Leek and Moorlands Regatta
George Rhodes Trophy 1st   Not sailed
Week-end Regattas
Easter Regatta Trophy 1st Albacore Paul Gimson & Amy Sanderson
  2nd Solo Mike Thomas
  3rd Solo Steve Thomas
Junior Trophy 1st Junior Laser Radial Alex Walker
Whitsuntide Trophy 1st Albacore Paul Gimson & Amy Sanderson
  2nd Merlin Mike Raine & Jane Hill
  3rd Solo Craig Tarry
Junior Trophy 1st Junior Albacore Alex & Susan Walker
August Regatta Trophy 1st Albacore John Gimson & Alex Gruber
  2nd RS 400 Larry Muir & Hannah Ball
  3rd Solo Phil Blakeman
Junior Trophy 1st Junior Topper Lucas Barrow
Turner Trophy 1st husband & wife team  in the regattas   David & Margaret Burnham
Open Meetings
Albacore Open 1st West Kirby SC Mike Hartley & Jemima Riley
  2nd Scaling Dam SC Judy & Paul Armstrong
  3rd Tewksbury SC Charlie Chaundler & Mark Fowler
John Marriot Salver 1st Rudyard Boat 4th Paul Gimson & Andrew Lorquet
Enterprise Open 1st  SCYC Alan Johnson & Steve Blackburn
  2nd  West Lancs YC Charles & Hannah Adams
  3rd  Etherow John Berry & Steve Thomas
Harcourt Trophy 1st Rudyard Boat  6th Patricia Ordsmith & Lucas Barrow
Solo Open 1st  RYA Andy Tunnicliffe
  2nd  Hollingworth Chris Massey
  3rd  Hollingworth Oliver Whitehead
Solo Salver 1st Rudyard Boat  4th Mike Raine
Topper Open 1st  West Lancs YC Samuel Cooper
  2nd  Leigh & Lowton Lorcan Knowles
  3rd  RYA Toby Cope
  1st Rudyard Boat  6th Matt Harrison
Other Events and Trophies
Champagne Race 1st Race of Endurance Solo Mike Raine
Brian Pickett Memorial 1st Pursuit Race K1 Dennis Birchenhall
April Fools Race 1st   Not awarded
Princess Royal Race 1st K1 Mark Jacot
Harold Davis Trophy Last Race of main season (personal handicap) Albacore Dave and Margaret Burnham
Raine Trophy (Iron Man) Most Races sailed Solo Phil Blakeman (111)
Holmes Trophy Fastest Lap K1 Mark Jacot
Hon Coxswains Trophy



Sailor most in need of


Rescue boat services

Albacore Paul Gimson for loss of transom and rudder at Abersoch
Endeavour Trophies
John Coffey Trophy Handicap Fleet   Neil Walker
Hall Trophy Solo Fleet   Dave Richards
Roger Mason Salver Albacore Fleet   Steve Sutton
Phil Shenton Trophy Junior Endeavour   Lucas Barrow


Jybaz Trophies
Jybaz Oppie Champion Harry Johnson
Jybaz Pico/Topper Champion Oliver Carter/Nathan Rawlinson
Jybaz Mixed Fleet Champion Hannah Ball
Jybaz Laser Champion Lucas Barrow
Top Crew Connor More O’Ferrall
Griffiths Trophy Scott Bagshawe
Wilkins Trophy Misha Higham
Instructors Trophy Alan Bagshawe
Most Improved Junior Jyba Shay Dawson
Most Improved Senior Jyba Joe Pearce
Outstanding Jyba of the Year Joe Brickland
Racing Captain for 2015 Alex Gruber

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