We have a variety of club boats available for all club members to use.

There is no hiring fee for the club boats but we do charge a nominal £5 per day per boat to contrbute to the cost of boat maintenance. The charge is transferrable between boats on the same day.

Club Boats

  • 6 x Oppies
  • 5 x Topper
  • 6 x Pico
  • 1 x Laser
  • 4 x RS Feva
  • 1 x Laser 2000
  • 2 x Hartley 15
  • 1 x Wanderer

Booking Procedure

For everybody's safety and convenience, we have the following procedure for using club boats:

  • Before coming to the club, please familiarise yourself with our boats (see menu on this page) and read / watch the rigging guide if available.
  • When you arrive at the club, please find the Officer of the Day. Any member of galley staff and any instructor should be able to point him or her out to you. The Officer of the Day will be able to disucss your needs with you, recommend a boat and take your boat maintenance charge.
  • The Officer of the Day will tell you where your boat is and where its corresponding sails, foils (daggerboard and rudder), etc. are. All boats are numbered, with matching sails and foils.
  • Check the boat thoroughly before, during and after rigging. Report any issues or concerns immediately to the Officer of the Day who will advise, and arrange any repairs as necessary.
  • After launching the boat, ensure its trolley is parked safely out of the way on the waterfront.
  • When you have finished sailing, bring the boat back ashore, ensuring you use the correct trolley (these are also clearly labelled with the boat type and number)
  • Derig the boat and put the sails and foils away in their numbered locations, checking the boat and its rigging thoroughly as you do so. Please report any issues or concerns immediately to the Officer of the Day so that they can be dealt with.

COVID-19 Considerations

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, it is especially important that we follow the above procedure. It is not practical to deep clean boats and sails on a regular basis so we rely on ensuring 72 hours between different family groups using the same equipment. This is impossible if we do not know exactly when and by whom each boat, sails, etc. were used. 


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