Hi all,

A very quick update to ask you all to download the NHS COVID-19 app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.  It's now the law that all public places have a poster with a QR code at the entrance.  Once you have the app, all you need to do is point it at the QR code
Covid App QR Only

I firmly believe it is our civic duty to use this app to help control the spread of the virus.  Please get the app and start to control the spread.

Multi-Mover CrowdFunding effort

We've reached £435 of the £2,500 we need to raise to get the match funding from the UK government.  That's from 8 people.  Thank you all.  We need more of you to pledge money!  We not only need £2,500 but we also need it to come from a minimum of 25 members.  Please, please dig deep and donate whatever you can.  This will make almost all our lives easier and safer.  Many of you recall I broke my coccyx after slipping whilst recovering my boat last year.  That was blooming painful!  This will make bot recovery a lot safer.  The Hartley 15's are super heavy.  Moving them without lots of people is very difficult.  Check out the video on the funding page for proof it can haul the H15 with ease!!

Hi all,
There's rather a lot to get through this week, with lots of good stuff happening at our club, so here goes

Covid Update

The updated guidelines still allow us to contine sailing, SUPing and training.  We may end up closing the clubhouse (indoors) depending on the rule changes coming into effect, but as of Tuesday 22nd @ 22:49 the situation remains unchanged.

We do have to start mandatory "checking in" at the club, preferably using the new NHS app if possible.  Posters will be put on all entrances and the galley and bar.  Just point the app at the QR code and that's it!

Covid App

Boat Mover

Every sailor dreads the long haul up the slipway of a heavy boat, especially in the summer months when the water level is at its lowest. With the help of Mark Bayliss we have identified a heavy duty boat mover that will assist members to launch and recovery their boats. The multi-mover does not come cheap at nearly £5,000, but the gradient of the club’s slipway preclude all other candidates. Covid-19 has both increased the need for a boat mover but severely restricted the club's ability to purchase one out of club funds. However, Sports England are currently offering to match any funding a club raised by crowdfunding. Therefore, in reality we only need to raise £2,500 over a minimum of 25 supporters.

So please go to our crowd funding page https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/boat-mover, read the appeal, watch the video of the boat mover in action and please dig deep into your pockets and donate. 

We have four weeks, so lets get donating.

One note.  The crowdfunding website do not take a cut but automatically fill in a 15% donation on the right hand side of the donation screens.  You can remove this if you like.

Mea Culpa (Duties)

I have a confessions to make and an apology.  I missed my bar duty on Sunday!.  Luckily, Janey was there to rescue the situation, but it was inexcusable on my part.  I let members down, I let the club down, and most of all I let myself down.  Thank you Janey for coming to the rescue of the thirsty!

It just goes to show that it can happen to anyone, BUT without people doing their assigned duties the club cannot function.  We do have some unallocated duties in the coming week that I would normally cover but I am on holiday in sunny (hopefully) Anglesey.  They are cox and HRO, so they do need a level of training.  If you can help, please do so:


Southport Virtual 24hr race

Last weekend the elite e-sailing team put together by Mark Jacot competed in the inaugural (and hopefully last) virtual Southport 24hr race.  The elite team consisted of:

  • Mark Jacot
  • Chris Else
  • Kirsten Else
  • Janet Shields

The full info can be found on our Facebook page but suffice to say we cames a VERY good 6th place overall.  Well done to the team.  Hopefully I can pursuade Mark to put a complete report on here very soon, but in the meantime here's the finish order


SUP News

Our newest cohort are continuing to grow and continue to go SUPing at various ungodly hours of the morning!!  Some came down to SUP on a club Sunday and we're all welcomed with open arms.  The conversations that ensued between sailors and SUPers was great to hear.  They also have a Facebook group, but if you want access to this closed group you'll just need to drop John Harrison a line.



The club is laid out for its first social distanced yoga session tonight (fully booked).


Yoga will happen every Tuesday 7-8pm at the club. Spaces limited to 10 due to Cover-19 restrictions. 

Book your mat space now on line for next weeks class 29th September 2020 at https://www.yuliyahighamyoga.com

All I can say is I will hurt in the morning, but it was good for me....apparently :-)


RYA Membership

As well as being the governing body for sailing across the UK, the RYA have been instrumental in getting RLSC back on the water during the Covid pandemic.  Their help and resources have been a real help to me during 2020.  You are already a member of an affiliated club but you can join the RYA as a member in your own right.

Here are our top 5 reasons to join…

  1. Peace of mind with free boating related legal, regulatory and technical advice
  2. Combine your voice with over 100,000 members ensuring your boating interests are represented
  3. Free quarterly RYA Magazine packed with the latest news and features in-depth articles
  4. Over 80 reward partners working with us to cut the cost of your boating
  5. Membership fees are reinvested into RYA programmes to support RLSC

If you wish to join the RYA you can join online by visiting:


You will need to select ‘Joining Point’ as the reason for joining and input the Joining Point code for RLSC, which is 008111167.  The club will aslo receive a commission for anyone joining using this code.

Alternatively new members can also sign up by calling 023 80 60 4159 and quoting 008111167.




Hi all,

New website and new Covid restrictions :-(.  Welcome to the new club website.  Ruminations will henceforth be loaded on the website again.  

We have a fair bit to discuss today, and the list includes:

  • Covid Update
  • New Website
  • SUP Friday
  • Safety Boats
  • Yoga

Covid Update

The government brought in new restrictions yesterday emphasising the "Rule of six".  We are now limited to groups with a maximum of six people, socially distanced by 2m to other groups of a maximum of six people inside and outside our club.  INDIVIDUALS MUST NOT MOVE BETWEEN GROUPS.  What this means in our club is:

  1. If you sit with a group on a table (indoor or on balcony) you must stay with that group (maximum of six people) and not move to other tables.
  2. If you stand with a group outside then you should stay with that group and not mingle with others.  You should stay 2m from other groups.  A group can be a single person but no more than six!
  3. On the shore you should keep 2m distance from other groups.
  4. Enhanced Track and Trace measures are being introduced.  If you go to the club please record your name and contact telephone number on the resister sheet in the entrance lobby for that day.
  5. Can all HRO's please announce these measures in the run up to racing.

New Website


Please have a look around.  If you notice anything wrong, or missing please let me and James Pels know.  James has done an excellent job.  Well done sir!!  I'm sure there'll be lots of rough edges we need to polish up, so please don't think we've already been told about an issue.  If you see a problem, tell us!

SUP Friday

SUP Rudyard Lake

On Friday 11th September 2020 we are having a SUP Friday test event.  A safety boat will be on the water from 16:30 until 19:30 and then the bar will be open.  This is an event open to all members, but aimed specifically at our SUP members as a test of whether this is something that we will want to continue.

Safety Boats


Staffordshire Moorlands District Council offered local sports clubs a small grant to help them cover the extra costs of Covid-19. The club has used this grant to upgrade the safety boat equipment so they can operate as single crewed boats. Thanks to SMDC each safety boat now has the following:

  • Boat hook
  • Throw Line
  • Floating tow lines
  • Cover-19 ready bag containing:
    • Face shield
    • Face masks
    • Gloves

All  coxes are strongly recommended to watch Ben Hodson’s video on 'Solo Safety Boat Tips’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xny40ijRMnI



One of our club members Yuliya Higham is a qualified yoga instructor. She is introducing a new regular yoga class at the club on Tuesday evenings 7-8pm starting on the 22nd September. Yuliya is  going to explore the connection between breath and movement by gradually building on strength and mobility whilst working on breathing techniques.

Due to Covid-19 places are limited to 10 at the moment, so it’s on-first-come-first-serve basis and they are going FAST! The yoga sessions will be open to both club members and general public.  Once Covid restrictions are eased there will be more places available.

Hand gel will be provided on entrance. If possible, please bring your own mats and blankets, but mats and blocks will be available if needed.

Cost is £8 per person. Please book via her website to secure your mat! https://www.yuliyahighamyoga.com

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather, the only thought I can suggest in these conditions as you sit outside is when there is no wind, you can say “Well it may be sunny but sailing would have been very frustrating”. And if its windy then “Well I know there is wind but its the wrong direction for Rudyard and would have been very frustrating”.

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