Hi all,
And this time I do mean all!  Over 130 of you were missing from DutyMan, so Colin & I figured out who was missing and added you.  Many of you will have received a welcome email.  I've already seen quite a few logging on and updating passwords etc.  OK, on with the newsletter.


It was great to see so many people social sailing and racing in recent weeks. The handicap races had a wide range of people taking part, from teenagers to our most experienced racers, as well as a wide variety of boats including a Topper, Fevas, Lasers, Solos and the Hartley. Conditions have not been easy with blustery south westerlies one day and flat calm the next which challenged many people. It was especially good to see less experienced members getting involved including one novice who had only completed level 1 in the last few weeks. Everyone had a fantastic time last Wednesday, finished off by the post race fish and chip supper organised by Pete Morris. Racing can be a fun way to increase skills as well as encouraging the next generation of RLSC Olympians!”  Looking at that photo above a possible caption might read "The aggressive Solo's chase down an upstart Topper, whilst quietly a Laser takes the opportunity to slip around the back!" :-).

Steve Sutton

Our artist in residence has an entry in the Three Counties Art Exhibition 2021.  Steve's work is extraordinary and his theme of "Life support" is a hot topic given the IPCC Red Alert last week!

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We can all help Steve by voting for his excellent artwork.  Search on google for:

Three Counties Open Art Exhibition 2021: Virtual Exhibition -Keele University ,
Look for the 
Audience Choice award, and Steve Sutton’s drawing ‘Life Support -Raised Bed’

Another route is via Twitter. 



Barts Bash


Bart’s Bash, is an annual race sailed in memory of Andrew (Bart) Simpson. For those interested we have a sailing top signed by him and framed in the Tom Powers room.

This year we will be taking part on Saturday 11th September in the form of a 2-hour race starting at 5.30pm and finishing at 7.30pm.  The idea is that members can take part in the whole race OR sail as a team and change helms during the race. Places will be decided by the boats doing the most laps (on handicap). If there is interest from our SUP members, we can set a SUP course too for anyone that fancies a paddle either as a family/team or individual!  It would be fantastic if groups of novices got together to race as teams.  You'd all find it a completely different experience.

As well as having fun, we hope to raise money for the charity set up in memory of him, so maybe you could consider getting sponsorship or raising some money too as you sail.

We plan to open the bar up after the event and assuming we have sufficient numbers; the coffee shop will stay open during the race.

To take part you will need to register on the Bart’s Bash website here. https://www.bartsbash.com/sign-up/individual

If you could also indicate you are coming on the club website here, that would help our planning. https://www.rudyardlakesc.org.uk/index.php/events/events-calendar/barts-bash-2

Membership Update

We are closing in on 400 members now, which is fantastic.  It's also coming up to the anniversary of our SUP section and that seems to be going from strength to strength.  The Galley Coffee Shop is showcasing our club to epople who are signing up apace.  We will eventually have to institute a waiting list for new members (SUP & Sailing) and the committee are discussing what that number may be.  More on this after the next committee meeting.

Club Roles Vancant

We have a few club roles that need filling, so if you could offer the club some of your valuable time it will be very much appreciated.

  • Sailing Secretary
    Mark is stepping down at the end of the year.  He has been an amazing Commodore, and then Sailing Secretary for many years and the time has come to put him out to pasture (or get the knackers truck!) and we do need an experienced sailor to step up.
  • Safeguarding Officer
    Beric is stepping down and we do need a safeguarding officer.  It's an important role, especially as we have a vibrant Jybaz section and this would suit a Jybaz parent.
  • Club Events Coordinator
    Clare Wyles has offered to be involved in this, but experience shows that it takes more than one person to do this.  If you can give up a few hours of your time to be on an organising team that's make this a far easier job and start getting the socials side of the club moving again after Covid.
  • Site Manager
    Ralph and his deputy Kieran have been utterly astonishing over the last number of years keeping on top of the site.  I've lost track of the number of times he's asked me for "a ton of hardcore" to then see them filling potholes on and around the top carpark!  Since Kieran is off to further his career in the nuclear industry Ralp and Kieran have decided to step down.  It may be an idea to split this role into Site and Clubhouse managers, with obvious areas of responsibility.  If you do have a technical skillset of an interest in DIY the club needs you.

If you're interested in helping out in any of the above, then talk to me.



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