Hi all,

New website and new Covid restrictions :-(.  Welcome to the new club website.  Ruminations will henceforth be loaded on the website again.  

We have a fair bit to discuss today, and the list includes:

  • Covid Update
  • New Website
  • SUP Friday
  • Safety Boats
  • Yoga

Covid Update

The government brought in new restrictions yesterday emphasising the "Rule of six".  We are now limited to groups with a maximum of six people, socially distanced by 2m to other groups of a maximum of six people inside and outside our club.  INDIVIDUALS MUST NOT MOVE BETWEEN GROUPS.  What this means in our club is:

  1. If you sit with a group on a table (indoor or on balcony) you must stay with that group (maximum of six people) and not move to other tables.
  2. If you stand with a group outside then you should stay with that group and not mingle with others.  You should stay 2m from other groups.  A group can be a single person but no more than six!
  3. On the shore you should keep 2m distance from other groups.
  4. Enhanced Track and Trace measures are being introduced.  If you go to the club please record your name and contact telephone number on the resister sheet in the entrance lobby for that day.
  5. Can all HRO's please announce these measures in the run up to racing.

New Website


Please have a look around.  If you notice anything wrong, or missing please let me and James Pels know.  James has done an excellent job.  Well done sir!!  I'm sure there'll be lots of rough edges we need to polish up, so please don't think we've already been told about an issue.  If you see a problem, tell us!

SUP Friday

SUP Rudyard Lake

On Friday 11th September 2020 we are having a SUP Friday test event.  A safety boat will be on the water from 16:30 until 19:30 and then the bar will be open.  This is an event open to all members, but aimed specifically at our SUP members as a test of whether this is something that we will want to continue.

Safety Boats


Staffordshire Moorlands District Council offered local sports clubs a small grant to help them cover the extra costs of Covid-19. The club has used this grant to upgrade the safety boat equipment so they can operate as single crewed boats. Thanks to SMDC each safety boat now has the following:

  • Boat hook
  • Throw Line
  • Floating tow lines
  • Cover-19 ready bag containing:
    • Face shield
    • Face masks
    • Gloves

All  coxes are strongly recommended to watch Ben Hodson’s video on 'Solo Safety Boat Tips’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xny40ijRMnI



One of our club members Yuliya Higham is a qualified yoga instructor. She is introducing a new regular yoga class at the club on Tuesday evenings 7-8pm starting on the 22nd September. Yuliya is  going to explore the connection between breath and movement by gradually building on strength and mobility whilst working on breathing techniques.

Due to Covid-19 places are limited to 10 at the moment, so it’s on-first-come-first-serve basis and they are going FAST! The yoga sessions will be open to both club members and general public.  Once Covid restrictions are eased there will be more places available.

Hand gel will be provided on entrance. If possible, please bring your own mats and blankets, but mats and blocks will be available if needed.

Cost is £8 per person. Please book via her website to secure your mat! https://www.yuliyahighamyoga.com

If nothing appaears, click here, or open in another browser window: https://www.dutyman.biz/dmembed.aspx?id=R0001821&mode=2&maxrows=20

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